Complete course of Fundamental and Price Action Analysis of Stock Market in Hindi.

Complete Course for Fundamental and Price Action Analysis of Stock Market.

A complete course to find quality undervalued stocks with perfect entry and exit points.

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Mr. Smit Thakkar

Validity Period: 730 days

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₹14999 including GST


Why this course?



  • Step by step fundamental analysis process.
  • Stock filtration process.
  • Automate the fundamental analysis with the stock market automation tool.
  • 3 biggest myths of the stock market.
  • The power of compounding interest.
  • Find the correct value of the stock with the help of free automated sheet
  • How I made 9,75,000/- with just 40,000/- capital.
  • Basic concepts of the stock market.
  • Why you shouldn't rely on technical analysis.
  • Why we should avoid support and resistance based trades.
  • Understand price action analysis in detail.
  • Understand the secret concept of brother charts.
  • How to trade on demand & supply zones.
  • Important rules for demand & supply zones.
  • Portfolio trading setup.
  • Positional trading setup.
  • Swing trading setup.
  • Futures & Options trading setup.
  • Intraday trading setup.
  • Money management with proper stop loss technique.
  • My current stock market portfolio and how I choose those stocks.
  • How to select stocks for intraday trading.
  • How I do swing trading: Step by step process.
  • Trading journal preparation.
  • How to start a stock market journey?
  • Life-time private telegram channel access where you'll find my live trades and market updates.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Life-time support.
  • 2 years validity.

Course Objective

Traditional players have made the Stock Market very much complicated, and only because of that, they charge hefty fees for their courses. Because of the lack of proper guidance and resources, Indians have been losing money in the market from decades. Stock market brokers, Stock market influencers & Stock market news channels taught us wrong concepts and practices. It is one complete Price Action analysis course through which I, Smit Thakkar(Certified Financial Planner), have tried to address every aspect of the stock market and will teach you how to do Swing Trading, Positional Trading, Portfolio Trading, Intraday Trading & Futures/Options Trading.


  • Learn fundamental analysis model.
  • Learn to avoid mistakes in the stock market.
  • Learn to find stocks with excellent fundamentals.
  • Learn step by step quality stock finding process.
  • Learn 3 biggest myths of the stock market.
  • Learn to minimize the risk or maximize the profit in stock market.
  • Learn the power of the stock market.
  • Learn the most precious financial parameters.
  • Learn step by step process to find multibagger stocks.
  • Learn to automate the whole process.
  • Learn to calculate the fair value of the stocks.
  • Learn pure price action analysis process.
  • Learn to apply powerful trading strategies without any complex indicators.
  • Learn how to find demand and supply zones.
  • Learn how to trade on demand and supply zones.
  • Learn portfolio trading strategy.
  • Learn positional trading strategy.
  • Learn swing trading strategy.
  • Learn futures & options trading strategy.
  • Learn intraday trading strategy.
  • Learn how to find stocks for trading.


Hello, I am Smit. I am born and brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat. After completing my bachelors in mechanical engineering I have completed my Certified Financial Planning. Currently, I am working as a full-time Investment Consultant, and managing more than 3300 individual client's portfolios, and managing funds of more than 84 corporate clients all over India. And also started to spread financial awareness among fellow Indians. I am on a mission to help at least 1,00,000 people to achieve financial freedom. Thank you.

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